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Airfreight Door2Door From China up to Dubai

Air Cargo has become increasingly important over the last years. As our customer you have the highest expectations regarding our service. Thus when selecting our airlines we employ exclusively reliable and qualified partners who can fulfill our and more importantly, your expectations to the fullest.

Daily worldwide connections guarantee the fastest transport opportunities for your goods. Right after they are received in the destination country, our customs specialists take over and take care of quick and smooth customs clearance as well as the prompt delivery of your shipment.

We keep you informed about the status and location of your shipment at any point in time.

Khaldoun Khouli CEO And Founder Midtrans Shipping And Services

agents with our international Offices, local customs offices, reliable airlines and employees worldwide, we provide you with all relevant information – fast and secure.

Service categories customized for you enable you to select the perfectly adequate service package for your requirements. We are one of the top airfreight forwarding specialists in the region. We provide full packages of air logistics solutions through major airlines.

Our operations cover more than 185 countries via a worldwide freight network and our own managed offices in the Middle East and Levant region. Shipments are pre planned, scheduled and traced with its soft solution system. We take care of your cargo’s every need including urgent delivery, temperature control, special handling or door to door delivery as well as DDP & DDU from and to any destination in the world. We also provide occasional, dedicated charter shipments. Our airfreight service portfolio includes:

Door to Door Delivery,
Daily from China to Dubai,
Weekly from China to Syria,
Weekly from Dubai to Istanbul. 
Urgent Deliveries
Economical Shipments
Multimodal Services
Door to Airport Cargo Services from Dubai to all over the world. 
Door to Airport Cargo Services from Dubai to all over the world.  
Midtrans Shipping & Services’s Door to Airport solution provides reliable, hassle-free and consistent service quality. This solution includes.

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