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The Word "chartering", of a ship which is mostly used in break bulk and bulk shipments, in simple terms, is a rental agreement in which one agrees to hire a ship or part of it, from its owner. Part (Break Bulk), Time and Voyage chartering are the commonly used modes of chartering that are generally practiced in core shipping.
We deploy the vessels which are commonly categorized as general cargo ships, with or without RORO facility, to carry break bulk cargoes literally to all corners of the world on tramp arrangement for existing or temporary ports. We also facilitate booking on Semi-liner scheduled Break Bulk operator.

The commodities that are transacted in large volumes like coal, Minerals (Iron ore, Bauxite, Ferro Manganese, Gypsum, Sand etc.) , Agro ( Rice, Maize, Wheat, Soya ,Sugars etc.) , Zinc, Steels, Cement, Fertilizer, Chemicals etc are generally shipped as Bulk either as loose or packed. MIDTRANS is actively involved in arranging these Bulk voyages.

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